Dealers thoughts on Tru-Frame® Security Products

From Rik Withington, owner of All Screens in Sonoma County. “As fabricators in the screen industry for over 33 years, the ViewGuard™ Security Door is our favorite product. Our customers say that they feel ultimately safe, secure and love that their family and pets are protected. The front door is the first line of defense when it comes to intruders. Unlike other security doors that are heavy, prone to rust and promote a feeling of incarceration, The ViewGuard™ stainless steel screen provides a clear transparent view of the outside and does not give the impression the homeowners live in fear or have something to hide. When choosing a security screen front door, it is a bonus that a door like this can be so incredibly strong, elegant and have an operating finesse of a high end, elaborate door. As a security door there is nothing like it. We not only provide these doors to our friends and associates, we have three of these doors installed on our home.”

A note from Megan and Tim D’Antonio, owners of V.I.P. Mobile Screens in Vacaville, CA. “As a veteran in the screen industry, we have had an opportunity to have our hands on many different security screens throughout the years. After installing the ViewGuard™ by Tru-Frame® we have eliminated all other security doors from our product list. The door reigns supreme in all arenas including quality, function, design, aesthetics and most importantly, security. The quality is in the details. In comparison to all other doors in the market, I give the ViewGuard™ the highest quality marks in all categories. It refines the look of your home and provides top of the line security.”

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